Welcome to Siddhi Metal Industries.....

Our wide range of products includes Pull handles, Lever handles,Cristal handles, Bathroom accessories, Handrails & Balusters etc.

Each product has been designed keeping in mind the views of the reputed Architects, Engineers and Interior designers Moreover, each fixture is crafted as a Master Piece representing the unique fusion of strength, elegance and comfort during the actual use.

Raw Materials
All the fixtures are manufactured from AISI 316 High Grade Stainless steel which sustains the detrimental effects of omnipresent corrosive substances including the harmful chemical substances.

It also keeps the health threatening Bacteria away up to the considerable extent making the products most suitable at the public places like Hospital, Clinics, Schools, Colleges, Play houses, Restaurants & Hotels, Lavatories, Eating places etc.

Also the wood of the finest quality is use din the Combo products.